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21. Remuneration of Auditors continued The Board has considered the position and in accordance with the advice received from the Audit and Risk Committee is satisfied that the provision of the non-audit services is compatible with the general standard of independence for auditors imposed by the Corporations Act 2001. The Directors are satisfied that the provision of non-audit services by the auditor did not compromise the auditor independence requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 for the following reasons all non-audit services have been reviewed by the Audit and Risk Committee to ensure they do not impact the impartiality and objectivity of the auditor and none of the services undermine the general principles relating to auditor independence as set out in APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants including reviewing or auditing the auditors own work acting in a management or a decision-making capacity for the Company acting as advocate for the Company or jointly sharing economic risk and rewards. 22. Related Party Disclosures Balances and transactions between the Company and its subsidiaries which are related parties of the Company have been eliminated on consolidation and are not disclosed in this note. Details of transactions between the Group and other related parties are disclosed below. a KMP During the year no KMP of the Company or the Group has received or become entitled to receive any benefit because of a contract made by the Group with a KMP or with a firm of which a KMP is a member or with an entity in which the KMP has a substantial interest except on terms set out in the governing documents of the Group or as disclosed in this financial report. The aggregate compensation of KMP of the Group is set out below Consolidated 2015 000 2014 000 Short-term employee benefits 4437482 4835675 Post-employment benefits 217988 176014 Other long-term benefits 1046426 32618 Termination payments 1990034 74296 Share-based payments 430957 759649 6030035 5813016 Note Changes to KMP during the year can be found in the Remuneration Report. The number of ordinary shares in the Company held during the financial year by KMP of the Company and Group including their personally related parties are set out in the Remuneration Report in the Directors Report. There were no loans made to or other transactions with KMP during the year 2014 nil. b Subsidiaries and Associates Ownership interests in subsidiaries are set out in Note 18. Details of interests in associates and distributions received from associates are disclosed in Note 17. Details of loans due from associates are disclosed in Note 10. c Other related party transactions During the year Macquarie Group Limited and its controlled entities Macquarie received or was entitled to receive 10954532 2014 16156252 as dividends on securities held. At 30 June 2015 the Group had funds totalling 4573 2014 6466996 on deposit with Macquarie. The Group earns interest on deposits at commercial rates. Interest income from deposits with Macquarie included in the determination of the net result from ordinary activities for the year for the Group was 22383 2014 7886. 65 SOUTHERN CROSS AUSTEREO ANNUAL REPORT 2015